"In Indonesian pay TV market already crowded with many operators, SKY LBS has a unique strategy to enable it to quickly acquire 2.0 million subscribers within the next 3 years."

Forecast for No. of Subscribers

  • Rapid acquisition of 2.0 mil subscribers by 2017 through strategic marketing

SKY LBS TV's strategy for subscriber acquisition will allow its customers to easily access to pay TV service by offering various programs of great value at the lowest price. Thus, this will also increase the viewership for TV channels & content providers affiliated with SKY LBS TV. The strategy is as follows.

Well-built Partnership

  • Cooperation with media partners
    From the very beginning, SKY LBS TV will serve 300.000 subscribers already acquired.

  • subscriber demand from University Terbuka (UT; Open University) of Indonesia

    • Subscription demand for obtaining a university degree.
    • 700,000 UT students studying with radio will steadily move to TV subscription.
    • UT decided to require students of 'watching TV' when taking courses (July 25, 2013).
    • The number of annual freshmen at UT is 100,000.

Differentiated Content

  • Unique and compelling TV channel
    1. 4 public-oriented TV channels to serve the viewer's practical needs well
      • Univ. Terbuka: University degree course at a very reasonable cost
      • Mina Tani: More than 50% of Indonesian population engaged in farming & fishery
      • Bahasa Asing (foreign language): Certificate of language proficiency for getting a job
      • Cinta Produk Indonesia: Introduction of local products of quality from small & mid-sized companies
    2. Various Korean TV contents
      • Specialized TV networks dedicated to Korean drama, movie, music and lifestyle
      • The wave of Korean movies, TV dramas & pop music is very strong in Asian countries.
      • Indonesian people are more and more interested in Korea.
    3. Basic package with the most common local and international channels
    4. Key HD channels of crystal clear picture quality

The Most Competitive Price

  • Monthly subscriber fee of the lowest level in Indonesia Pay TV industry with quality programs
  • Offering STB and satellite dish at "real cost" level

Distribution & Promotion

  • Distribution of SKY LBS TV service through 36 branch offices across Indonesia
  • Cooperation with consumer electronics company to sell the service at the company's stores
  • Subscriber acquisition through TV Home shopping time slots
  • Advertising & Promotion at a total of 64 partnered local FTA stations nationwide

Sources of Subscribers

  • 70,000 from the existing viewers
  • 200,000 from strategic partners
  • 400,000 from subscription from UT students and viewers of foreign language content
  • 600,000 from the specific channel of "Mina Tani (farming & fishery)"
  • 100,000 from subscription from the small & mid-sized companies of Indonesia
  • 230,000 from the natural increase of H/H income and of TV sets purchased
  • 400,000 from the bundling service with other business product such as Internet & IPTV

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